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LOS MAQUIS| Andes Mountain Cabins


Our cabins are surrounded by dense native forest, just outside the nationally famous
"Radal Siete Tazas National Park", in the foothills of the beautiful Central Chilean
Andes - a location that although barely more than a three-and-a-half-drive from
Santiago feels wonderfully removed from the noise and crowds of the big city.
Nature and tranquility are the essence of Los Maquis.
The freshness of the air, the hospitality of the people, the attention to detail and
the protection and love of the local wildlife make “Cabañas Los Maquis” a perfect
option for you to acquaint yourself with the greatly underrated charms of the Andes
of Central Chile, a highly biodiverse area, which is full of natural attractions.
Within the "Cabañas Los Maquis" site, we can offer you a private beach area
next to a mountain stream, gardens, a campfire spot, balconies with stunning
views... and even a natural waterfall!.

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